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track name: L No Nakama
album: Death Note OST I
play count: 421



the guitar here makes me feel

yknow there’s this scene in speed metal that we see from the drivers seat perspective in knockout’s alt mode and the camera is just following breakdown around for a while and then scans back and forth as knockout starts looking for arcee and its like… That was from knockout’s perspective. Knockout was just kickin back admiring his giant boyfriend beat down bulkhead and bumblebee. They’re in love I know they are


reasons why u really should play the half-life games:

  • made by the amazing people who made portal, team fortress 2, and left 4 dead
  • cool alien apocalypse/post apocalypse theme
  • weird time & dimension shenanigans
  • sometimes scary, but in a good way, good horror
  • also good humor
  • rebellion against evil extraterrestrial dictatorship
  • mute nerd in glasses protagonist
  • badass babe sidekick deuteragonist 
  • the beer guy
  • it’s on sale right now
  • all of them for just 10 dollars
  • really intriguing characters
  • good for improving mood when u wanna feel important and save the world
  • lots of games to play, will keep u busy for some time
  • good distraction if ur feeling down
  • aliens
  • zombies
  • badassery
  • a little outdated, but works good on most computers
  • windows, mac and linux
  • please, i’m begging you, we need a bigger fandom
  • just. good games, please play them


btw this is scarecrow lea aka Ophelia. u//w//u

@bohim @willy
Thank you so much omg. ;_;
IM GOING TO HUG YOU TOO WILLY I’m so happy siiiigh

wow can’t stop talking about this job but
It got pretty slow near the end today and I was chilling with monk, pumpkin head, and zombie and I saw a shooting star. *A* why is this so magical.

me and the blind monk (he’s the one i torment) found a monster in the corn field. He’s unused for some reason. Poor monster. :(

@bohim It is pretty strange once you go into the corn… and then we get a break two hours in and it’s just a bunch of very tired monsters eating cheeseburgers together. I…. love it so much.

@dibeediboop Thank you Alex. ;_; monsters and chainsaws are totally my thing I just gotta work on not being too scared to scare people myself lol

ok ups and downs of working at haunted corn/house

when the night gets slow we can wander the corn maze to find our friends and there’s a manpig guy with a gross scary pig mask that sometimes comes thru and he has the sweetest little voice so its just like
RUSTLING IN THE CORN. MANPIG EMERGES. “hey guys, you need some water?”
And this one guy who’s like the cutest zombie ever omg I’ll take a pic of him if I can.

downside I’m still very shy and this job is 100% interaction and I can’t stop thinking about it all day and I pushed down a baby panic attack this morning. I’m going to keep going tho because I feel like I’ll have learned something important about myself by the time this is over.

and cute zombies and manpigs and chainsaws and howling in the cornfields keeps me strong.

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