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are you ever just

I greatly enjoyed his spiraling journey into despair.

he spirals into despair a lot but this one is def my favorite 9w9

did everyone watch vinny’s space cake quest? im serious i want you to watch it

on the flip side, kain being really horny and using the ring to call vorador for help :3c

OH NOO kain used the ring to call vorador to him when he needed help but I imagined after vorador’s death and kain just sitting in his empire and he knows he’s fucking up the world and he doesn’t know what to do and he’s just holding the ring and thinking “I really need your help…”

ok such a small thing but in bo1 when kain first meets vorador he’s thinking “haha omg this old fool who cares stop talking” being a disrespectful little bum but when vorador says (I’m paraphrasing) “Stop doing dumb shit, am I understood?” Kain is just silent and he lOWERS HIS HEAD… SO SUBSERVIENT. he kinda looks up at vorador with these puppy dog eyes. “are you mad at me? :(” I love it.

the only lok game I’d want a remake of would be blood omen 1. third person perspective instead of top down would make bo1 GLORIOUS. aw man

vinny’s space cake quest is the most emotional thing i’ve ever seen and i cried at the end

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